# Service description

# AML Self declaration

AML Self declaration is a turnkey solution for the real estate sector designed to provide a fully digital, AML declaration for real estate transactions. The solution integrates with real estate ERP systems and combines BankID AML check with Signicat’s electronic signing functionality for a streamlined, fully paperless compliance workflow.

How the AML Self declaration works: A declaration is initiated from the ERP system, which sends a request (SMS/email) to the buyer/seller to fill in AML declaration form. A completed declaration is signed electronically using BankID, and based on the signer’s national ID number, PEP and sanctions lists are checked automatically. A full overview of self declaration check requests and status is available in the EPR system.

Signicat AML Self declaration consists of the following main solution components:

Component Description
Signicat AML Self declaration REST API Signicat AML Self Declaration REST API is the main service that combines all this services and creates a flow for the case handler and the end user.
Vitec AML SD Integration Vitec AML SD Integration is the integrations interface for the service, where the broker can create the case directly and pre-populate with information from the ERP System.
Signicat Sign REST API AML Self declaration consumes the SIGN API to sign the self-declaration and to withdraw the National ID and trigger a check towards BankID AML endpoint.
Vipps BankID AML Signicat AML Self declaration are using Vipps BankID AML as a underlying service to complement the self-declaration with information from the authorities population registry and to check towards common PEP and Sanction lists. (Its required to enter an agreement together with Vipps to access this.)
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