# Identity issuers terms

General terms and conditions applicable to the services from Identity Issuers

(i) The Identity Issuers provide electronic identification solutions that may be used for KYC & AML services and authentication and signing (the "Identity Issuers Services"). Subject to the Identity Issuer Terms below, the Customer may use the Identity Issuers Services. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Identity Issuers Terms applies in addition to the terms of this Agreement and that the Identity Issuers Terms shall prevail in the event of conflict.

(ii) The Customer is always responsible for becoming approved and qualified as a receiver of the relevant certificates, keys and passwords from the Identity Issuers.

(iii) The Customer is responsible for passing on certificates, keys and passwords to Signicat received from Identity Issuers. Further, Signicat may notify the Customer of certain certificates, keys and passwords from third parties that the Customer must pass on to Signicat, provided that the Customer is entitled to pass on such information.

(iv) Any new certificates replacing certificates already provided shall be passed on to Signicat without undue delay. If the Customer receives information from an Identity Issuer which it has reason believe is relevant for the fulfilment of this Agreement, or if the Customer has reason to believe any certificates, keys or passwords are incorrect, this information shall without undue delay be passed on to Signicat via the Signicat Portal.

(v) The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Identity Issuers may change the Identity Issuers Services, as well as the Identity Issuers Terms. In the event of such changes, Signicat will inform the Customer in writing without undue delay. Additionally, the Customer agree that the Customer shall, when providing their services, inform that their services are supported by the Identity Issuer Services, and that Signicat shall approve the manner in which the Identity Issuer Services is presented to the End Users, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld.

# Norwegian BankID

# 1. Terms and conditions for BankID

In furtherance of the Agreement, the Parties agree to add the following agreements pertaining BankID to the Agreement as part of Appendix 4:

(i) Merchant Agreement BankID: https://confluence.bankidnorge.no/confluence/display/RES/Brukerstedsavtaler

(ii) Standard Terms and Conditions for BankID (Distribution Agreement): https://confluence.bankidnorge.no/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=17635782

(iii) Terms and Conditions for Issuers Liability https://confluence.bankidnorge.no/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=176357833

(iv) Special terms for BankID AML https://confluence.bankidnorge.no/confluence/display/RES/Special+terms+for+BankID+AML

In case of conflict between the Agreement and the above-mentioned agreements, the latter shall prevail.

# 1.1 The customer's compliance

The Customer are responsible for ensuring that the service(s), which use the BankID service(s), is in accordance with rules and regulations for Norwegian BankID, and with applicable law.

Customer acknowledge and agree that Signicat and BankID Norway is entitled to terminate or suspend the right to use the BankID service(s) with immediate effect in the event of any breach of the obligations set out in this Section 1.1.

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