# Error Codes

Below is a list of error codes that you might receive and what they mean.

Code Info
SA-0000 Unknown error
SA-1000 Error reading application config
SA-1001 Trying to redirect to nonexisting signature method
SA-1002 A generic error occured when trying to retrieve document attachment
SA-1003 Attachment not found
SA-1004 Error initiating auth before sign
SA-1005 An error occured when reading auth before sign response
SA-1006 An error occured when trying to open dialogs
SA-1007 Error opening document overview
SA-1008 Error getting session data, restart session with the signature URL to resolve
SA-1009 Unable to determine file format for PDF viewer
SA-1010 An error occured during redirect to the correct signature provider
SA-1011 No signature methods are available where signer should be able to select one
SA-1012 An error occured after signer chose signature method
SA-1013 An error occured when starting new sign session
SA-1014 An error occured when starting new sign session (in API)
SA-1015 Error determing if document is attachment or main doc
SA-1016 Internal PDF viewer unable to load file
SA-1017 The current operation timed out
SA-1018 Error intiating nemid
SA-1019 Generic nemid error
SA-1020 Error starting Norwegian BankID
SA-1021 Error starting Swedish BankID (session not found)
SA-1022 Error initiating Buypass client
SA-1023 Error during Buypass signature
SA-1024 Session ID mismatch in Buypass response
SA-1025 Error loading main document (txt/xml)
SA-1026 Error initiating eaccept sign (deprecated)
SA-1027 Error saving handwritten signature
SA-1028 The signer is not allowed to see this document (auth before sign)
SA-1029 Unable to add attachment accepted event
SA-1030 Timeout during success action check
SA-1031 Error during success action check
SA-1032 Error fetching resources / extra info
SA-1033 An error occured during SMS OTP sending
SA-1034 An error occured during SMS OTP validation
SA-1100 An error occured in ID selector component
SA-1200 An error occured during Norwegian BankID Mobile sign
SA-1300 Error initiating authenticated/identification signature
SA-1301 Error reading event message during authenticated signature
SA-1302 Error during authenticated/identification signature
Code Info
SA-C0001 Error in application navigator, please restart and try again
SA-C0002 Session does not exist when generating redirect jwt
SA-C0003 The session is no longer valid, most likely because of inactivity
SA-C0004 SMS OTP identifier invalid, contact support
SA-C0005 Error generating redirect jwt (frontend error)
SA-C0006 Error generating redirect jwt (backend error)
Code Info
SA-S0001 Error caused by rerouting during signature status fetch
Last updated: 9/11/2020, 11:09:38 AM