# Getting started

There's a 14-day trial for the Signicat Sign Portal. No setup is required:

Sign up for the trial

If you are interested and want to keep using the Signicat Sign Portal after the trial, contact our sales team. They will send you a quote and the required documentation for you to sign. Once you have signed, we will start setting up your account.

Note that Signicat will initiate the application for you to be able to access the eIDs you have selected (which end-users will use to sign documents). This means that some parts of the process will be contingent on the eID providers, and you might have to sign additional documentation. To see which eIDs are available for the portal, refer to the Overview page.

# Logging in for the first time

When your account has been set up, you will receive an invitation (by email or SMS) to log in to the Signicat Sign Portal and create a user. Click the link in the message you have received and go through the registration process: log in for the first time and fill in the registration fields with your personal information.

First login

You will be asked to choose an eID method. The method you choose during your first login will be the one you have to use every time you log in.

# Sending invitations to your colleagues

Only users with Administrator access rights can invite new users to join the portal. For further information, refer to the User Management page.

Last updated: 8/27/2020, 7:04:40 AM